TOTO Washlet C200 Review

TOTO Washlet C200 Review – The Best Value Bidet on the Market

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The secret is out. The world is becoming infatuated with bidets, and for good reason. The stigma and taboo of using bidets are no longer strange, and U.S. households are beginning to adopt them into their daily life. 

However, choosing the right bidet isn’t so easy. One of the most common bidets new users look into is the TOTO Washlet C200. 

It’s an entry-level bidet seat with an affordable cost and enough high-tech features to give you a taste of what bidets can do. They’re easy to install and use and make cleaning more efficient. 

If you’re looking to switch from toilet paper to a complete hand-free wash, then the C200 might just be for you. We’ll cover everything to know about this wonderful bidet and all of the features that come with it. 

About TOTO: A Brief Overview

TOTO Washlet

Upgrade your bathroom experience with TOTO Washlets. Advanced features provide a refreshing and hygienic clean. Eco-friendly design and intuitive controls make TOTO Washlets the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

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TOTO has separated itself as one of the leaders in the bidet market, producing some of the most popular models. For over a century, TOTO has produced a wide range of bathroom fixtures and products like bidets, faucets, showerheads, sinks, and other accessories. 

As the popularity of bidets grows, TOTO gives users plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in an entry-level bidet like the C200 or something more advanced like the S550E, there are solutions to fit your needs. 

TOTO engineers have developed their own set of innovations that are often unique to their brand alone. They specialize in producing high-efficiency flush systems with a GPF (gallons per flush) as low as 0.8. Many of their products feature eWater+ and pre-mist, an advanced cleaning feature that creates its own organic detergent to keep your toilet clean. 

Furthermore, TOTO is strongly committed to a sustainable future. With an efficient GPF, they use less water while still providing a thorough flush for every use, contributing to their goal of saving water. Additionally, many of their seats have energy-saving functions like their “Power Saving Mode” to use less energy and reduce the electricity bill for users. 

Overall, there’s a lot to like about the TOTO brand. They have a combination of technologically advanced features, sustainability initiatives, and design excellence, making them a top contender in the bidet market. 

TOTO Washlet C200 Review Highlights:

Here are the things we like and dislike about the C200. While it’s certainly not perfect, there’s a lot to love about this entry-level bidet. 

What We Liked:

  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Easy to use and install for beginners
  • Lots of comfort features like adjustable water settings and heated seat 
  • A trusted brand for quality assurance 
  • Self-cleaning wand for minimal upkeep 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Tank-style water heater causes the bidet to look bulky
  • Tank-style heater doesn’t offer constant, endless warm water 
  • Lacks a handful of advanced features that luxurious bidets offer

TOTO Washlet C200 Review: Features and Specifications

If you’re curious about the C200, here’s a table that provides a snapshot of its features and specifications. 

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TOTO Washlet C200 Bidet Toilet Seat
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Price $
Heating Method Tank-style heating method 
Shape Elongated or round 
Extra Features SoftClose seat and lid, remote, heated seat, dryer, deodorizer, pre-mist, adjustable water settings, heated seat, warm air dryer

TOTO Washlet C200 Review: Our Insights

Every model offers a different set of builds and features. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to pick the right unit that best suits your preferences. We’ve thoroughly tested the C200 to provide a breakdown of its features, so you can better understand its capabilities and whether it’s right for you. 

Build Quality 

Bidets are a long-term solution designed to replace the need for toilet paper and completely change your bathroom routine. However, not every bidet is built to last. 

The C200 is a relatively sturdy bidet seat made of durable plastic. While the C200 has quite a bulky design, it does handle regular use and feels well-built. When firmly mounted on the seat, the seat holds into place without the seat creaking or shifting. 

Additionally, the wand is made of plastic material as well. Before and after every use, the wand automatically cleans the inside and outside, which helps to keep it free from bacteria. As a result, the wand is likely to last longer, increasing the durability of the product. 

Water Pressure and Temperature Control

Every user is different. It’s important that a bidet system has adjustable water pressure and temperature, so you can customize your cleaning experience. For example, those with sensitive skin may prefer a cooler water temperature and lower water pressure to avoid irritation or discomfort. 

Conversely, those who want a more thorough cleansing experience may want a higher-water pressure. Adjusting the water pressure is also beneficial for those with medical conditions like constipation. Gentle streams of water help to soften stool, making it easier to pass. Furthermore, warm water helps to promote bowel movements by relaxing the muscles. 

The TOTO C200 offers five water pressure and five temperature settings, ensuring you can get to ensure the wash is exactly to your liking. Water pressure ranges from 7.25 psi to 108.75 psi, meaning you can have a gentle water spray or a powerful jet stream. The washing spray temperature ranges from 86 to 104 degrees. Whether you prefer a more ambient, warm, or hot temperature, users can adjust the water temperature to their desired level of warmth. 

Heating Method

The TOTO C200 uses a tank-style heating method to provide warm water. Essentially, a preheated reservoir is connected to the water supply line located behind the bowl. The tank maintains stored water heated to a specific temperature setting. 

During the wash, the TOTO C200 draws water from this heated tank. Warm water generally lasts about 30 seconds before the wash gradually gets cooler until it reaches an ambient temperature. Unfortunately, it takes about five minutes for the water tank to reheat. 

While it’s not as convenient as the tankless style heating methods that luxurious bidets offer, they do provide immediate warm water without delay. The TOTO C200 does have a bulkier appearance due to the rear of the unit, which accommodates the internal reservoir. 

Comfort Features

Switching your routine from toilet paper to bidet requires that the experience be as comfortable as possible. The TOTO C200 is equipped with a handful of features that help you feel refreshed. 

Besides receiving warm water, users can activate the oscillating and pulsating functions from their remote. The oscillating feature moves the nozzle back and forth to cover a wider area, providing a more thorough cleaning. Additionally, the pulsating function creates a cozy massaging effect that helps to promote better hygiene and stimulate blood flow. 

Users can also enjoy three temperature settings for the heated seat, which are low, medium, and high. This feature provides warmth, especially on cold winter days or chilly mornings. On warmer days, you can simply deactivate the heated seat. 

There’s also a built-in automatic air deodorizer that helps to neutralize unpleasant odors, providing a more refreshing environment. It works by utilizing a filter that traps and eliminates odors, including those from urine and feces. 

Lastly, the warm air dryer function from the TOTO Washlet C200 is a great way to dry off after the wash. It has five variable temperature settings that let you choose between cooler, warm, or hot air. This eliminates the need for toilet paper after cleansing, which is eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

Nozzle Position and Cleaning

The TOTO C200 uses a single nozzle system with multiple spray outlets at the tip of the nozzle. The feminine wash uses the spray outlet that’s furthest forward. It’s designed to clean the intimate area for females, reducing the risk of bacterial infections. Another wash mode is the rear wash, which uses the middle spray outlet. It’s designed for posterior cleaning for both men and women. 

You can adjust the positioning of all the wash modes by moving the position more forward or backward to get the best coverage for your body. These adjustments can be made to your remote control. 

As far as cleaning, C200 makes your job much easier. It offers a pre-mist technology, which sprays a fine mist of water in the toilet bowl. This creates a layer of moisture, preventing waste from sticking to the surface. As a result, you can enjoy less frequent cleaning, saving you time in the process. 

Ease of Use

The hallmark of a beginner-friendly bidet is how easy it is for anyone to use. That means it should be geared towards new users and people with limited mobility. 

The TOTO C200 is operated with a wireless dual-sided remote control. On the front, you’ll find buttons to customize settings for rear wash, feminine wash, and dry air buttons. There are buttons on the side that activate the oscillating and pulsating functions along with adjusting the water pressure and position of the spray. An LCD screen on the back of the remote helps adjust the water temperature and other settings for your wash lid. 

All of the buttons are clearly labeled with pictures, so you can easily adjust the settings to your preferences. For people with limited mobility, the remote prevents you from twisting or bending over to reach the side panel controls, like other bidet seats. 

There are also very convenient features like the Soft-close lid preventing the lid from slamming shut, which would damage the product. Also, the self-cleaning function makes maintenance a lot easier. 

Value for Money

The TOTO C200 is certainly worth the cost. While it’s an entry-level affordable bidet, you can still find cheaper options from other brands. That said, the C200 generally offers a better package of features than the cheapest bidet seats. 

It’s a versatile washlet suited for beginners and new users who want to experience the comfort features and thorough cleansing experience that a bidet offers. With adjustable water settings, a heated seat, an air dryer, and a deodorizer, there’s a lot to like about the C200. 

If you’re looking for a more fancy bidet, such as seats with night light, an automatic closing lid, a self-cleaning bowl, instant and continuous warm water, and other high-level features, you’ll want to check out TOTO’s higher-end models like the TOTO S550E. 

Installation and Maintenance

If you’re unfamiliar with the bidet seat’s installation, the C200 won’t be a difficult challenge. The installation and maintenance process is relatively straightforward, perfect for anyone not experienced with home improvement projects or plumbing. 

The C200 bidet seat is installed directly on your toilet bowl. It comes with all the necessary instructions and mounting hardware needed. There aren’t any special tools or complex procedures required. 

You’ll need to remove your existing toilet seat and turn the water supply off. Then install the mounting bracket onto your toilet bowl using the included hardware. From there, you can slide the C200 in place. Connect the water supply hose to your bidet and tank. Then you’ll need to turn the water supply on and plug in the C200. From there, you can test its features to ensure it works properly. It takes most people about 20 minutes to completely install the new bidet

As far as maintenance, there isn’t a whole lot you need to do. Generally, you can clean the bidet seat with soap and water. The most important step is to regularly check the water filter and replace it as needed. This filter is designed to remove impurities from the water supply ensuring clean water is used for wash. 

Customer Reviews

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Before buying any product, it’s important to read the reviews of customers to get a general sense of the good and the bad, so you know what to expect. The C200 has received a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. 

Many customers praise the ease of use and have expressed the sentiment that they can’t go back to life without a bidet. They enjoy their experience of sitting on the toilet in a warm seat with heated water and a deodorizer that gets rid of any foul odors. 

With that said, a few have expressed disdain over the bulkiness of the product. The use of a tank does limit the amount of sittable space available. Some have expressed complaints that the round option doesn’t fully fit seamlessly into a standard American toilet. It’s always best to check the product’s dimensions to see if it fits your existing toilet bowl. 

TOTO also has a global network of customer service teams across the world, so you can always contact them ahead of time before making your purchase to ensure the elongated or round option fits your specific toilet

TOTO Washlet C200 Review Alternatives

While the TOTO Washlet C200 is a great choice, there are several alternatives you may consider. There are a few brands that also offer starter-level bidets with similar features. We’ll cover a few options and tell you how they differ. 

TOTO Washlet C200 vs Brondell S300

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300
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The Brondell S300 is an entry-level bidet from the Brondell brand. If you’re in the market for affordable bidets, you may come across the S300. While it’s a cheaper option, it does lack some of the vital features that the C200 offers. 

For instance, the S300 doesn’t offer a warm air dryer, deodorizer, and pre-mist function. These crucial features help deliver a convenient and comfortable cleansing experience. 

However, the Brondell S300 does come with a few advantages. It’s equipped with an automatic Eco Mode, where the power consumption is greatly reduced to help you save energy. The C200 lacks a power-saving mode that other TOTO bidets offer. 

Another interesting feature is the Safety Seat Sensor. It can sense whether anyone is sitting on the seat. If nobody is sitting, the bidet won’t operate. This is useful when children can get their hands on the remote, avoiding mishaps. 

Overall, the TOTO Washlet C200 seems to be the better pick for those who want more advanced features and customization. 

TOTO Washlet C200 vs. VIVOHOME Smart Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

VIVOHOME Non-electric Bidet
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If budget is your big priority, you may want to consider alternatives like the VIVOHOME smart heated bidet toilet seat. It’s got a sleek design with much simpler functions. Instead of remote control, it uses a knob with buttons allowing you to change between feminine and posterior wash. You can adjust the temperature settings with the buttons on the seat. 

There’s even a night light that illuminates the bowl, so you won’t have to turn on any harsh light bulbs in the middle of the night. The rinsing function can be operated even without electricity, which is great for saving energy. You’ll find safety features like the anti-splash function to prevent spillage and a defensive function to prevent the water temperature from exceeding 109.4 degrees. 

Overall, there are a lot of positives from the VIVOHOME seat. However, it lacks many features you’d find on the C200. This includes the warm air dryer, deodorizer, remote control operation, oscillating and pulsating features, and more. 

If you want the most basic form of a bidet, then VIVOHOME is a suitable choice. But if you want a combination of affordability and high tech, the C200 is the way to go. 

TOTO Washlet C200 vs SmartBidet SB-2600

SmartBidet SB-2600 Electric Bidet
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Another unique comparison is the SmartBidet SB-2600. It’s got a few unique features that make it a good alternative to the C200. 

Unlike the C200, the SB-2600 uses a higher level of water heating system. It’s a tankless model that provides on-demand unlimited heated water. That means you don’t have to worry about the warm water turning cold or a bulky design from the tank in the back. 

Where the C200 wins is their convenience. The SB-2600 doesn’t have a remote control. Instead, it uses a side panel, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, it doesn’t have a self-cleaning wand or pre-mist, meaning you’ll have to clean the entire bowl and wand yourself. 

One of the most prominent features the SB-2600 offers is its bubble infusion wash. This wash mode generates a frothy, rich mixture of water and air. As a result, it’s a more gentle cleaning option for people with sensitive skin. The bubbles in the stream create a massaging effect that is relaxing for users. 

Both are great options, and your choice will come down to preferences. The C200 has self-cleaning options and is available for a lower price. The SB-2600 has unique features like the bubble infusion wash, unlimited on-demand heated water, and even a child wash option.  


Bidets are an excellent addition to your bathroom experience. Whether you’re a household looking to invest in a more sustainable and hygienic bathroom experience or a real estate investor wanting to upgrade their bathroom fixtures, bidets are a great solution. 

The TOTO C200 is the perfect entry-level bidet toilet seat for first-time users, thanks to its affordable price point, user-friendly design, and many adjustable features. While it doesn’t have the most advanced technologies that high-end models have, it provides a range of benefits that make your daily routine much more comfortable. 

Now that you know everything about the TOTO C200 and a few notable competitors, you’re ready to give it a shot. No matter which bidet you end up choosing, you’ll receive the benefits of feeling clean and refreshed after every trip to the bathroom. 

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