Do You Wipe After using a Bidet

Do You Wipe After Using a Bidet?

Bidets clean better than toilet paper and can be used after peeing or pooping. However, using one gets you wet, and you must dry yourself. So, do you wipe after using a bidet?

If it doesn’t have an automatic air-dry setting, you will need to wipe after using a bidet. To wipe correctly, gently dab the area dry with some toilet paper or your towel. Doing this will eliminate excess water, which may otherwise cause a yeast infection or make your clothes uncomfortably damp.

Continue reading to discover all you need to know about wiping after using a bidet. I will cover the purpose of this critical aspect of bidet use and how to do it properly. Also covered in this article are alternatives to wiping after bidet use and a verdict on the best way to dry yourself following bidet use.

The Purpose of Wiping After Using a Bidet 

Wiping after you use a bidet helps you dry off excess water and avoid getting your clothes damp (which can be uncomfortable). You also minimize the risk of yeast infection in your genital or anal areas.

Inadequate drying after bidet use encourages yeast growth around the genitals by creating a moist environment. Healthy skin is covered with a balance of some yeast (Candida). When the yeast overgrows, it causes Candidiasis, a yeast infection. 

Candidiasis can affect the vagina or rectum. Men can also acquire genital yeast infections, which cause inflammation of the penis head. In rare cases, vaginal candidiasis can be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Wiping after bidet use will also help you ascertain whether the bidet has cleaned you effectively or if you need to repeat the process.

What Can You Use To Wipe After Using a Bidet?

Hygiene is vital when deciding what to use to wipe dry after bidet use. Using something dirty will introduce harmful bacteria to the sensitive area. You should also use something soft to avoid skin irritation. Using something rough may also aggravate painful conditions such as hemorrhoids.

You can use the following items to wipe dry after bidet use:

  • Toilet paper
  • Towel: This should be suitable for wiping the rear because regular towels may be too rough against sensitive skin. It should also only be used by one person with washing first.
  • Reusable bidet towels

Here are some suggestions for reusable bidet towel products that you can find on Amazon:

  • Zero Wastely Reusable Bidet Towels. These reusable multipurpose towels are absorbent and can be used in place of toilet paper. Made from 100% cotton, these towels are pretty soft and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, they save you much money otherwise spent on toilet paper.
  • Brondell Bamboo Bidet Towels. These ultra-soft towels are made from 100% Bamboo Rayon. They help you save on toilet paper and are pretty environmentally friendly. Also included is a mesh bag to facilitate the laundry process and prevent damage by excessive agitation.
  • Bamboo Queen Baby Washcloths. Made for sensitive skin, these reusable washcloths are gentle and comfortable. They are made from 100% coral fleece for that soft feel. They are suitable for use by people of all ages, including babies, so the whole family can use them.

How To Wipe After Using a Bidet: Dos and Don’ts

While wiping is a suitable drying method after bidet use, you must do it properly to prevent further issues such as skin irritation and infections.

Part of bidet etiquette is correct drying after use.  Here is a list of dos and don’ts to help you wipe correctly:

  • Use toilet paper. Wiping with toilet paper rather than a towel is always best because it can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi from improper use or drying. Furthermore, you should never use the towel provided in a hotel or at a friend’s place without asking because they are almost always meant for hand drying.
  • Keep your bidet towel clean. If you prefer to use towels in your bidet at home, remember to clean them after each use to prevent bacterial or fungal buildup.
  • Pat dry, don’t rub. Patting dry is a gentle way to dry yourself off after bidet use. On the contrary, rubbing can cause skin irritation in these sensitive areas, especially if you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids.
  • Dry from front to back. Although a bidet cleans you thoroughly, you should dry yourself front to back to reduce the risk of getting a UTI by introducing E.coli and other harmful bacteria into your urinary tract. Women are at a higher risk of getting UTIs by wiping back to front because of the urethra’s location. 
  • Dispose of the used toilet paper in the toilet.  You should never discard used tissue (or anything else) in a standalone bidet because it will clog up the drainage system. If you had dried off using a paper towel, throw it in a bin because it doesn’t flush as effectively as toilet paper.
  • Place the used towels in a laundry to prevent reuse by others. Avoid leaving out used towels because someone may accidentally reuse them after bidet use or for drying their hands. Place them in a designated area where they cannot be confused for clean ones.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Doing this after bidet use is essential to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria that would otherwise be ingested and cause preventable illness.

People with physical limitations may find it difficult to wipe from front to back by reaching backward. In such cases, they can dry off by extending their arms below the crotch when seated on the bidet or toilet seat. This is a less strenuous method of wiping.

Are There Other Ways To Dry Off After Bidet Use?

Wiping isn’t the only way to dry yourself after using a bidet. 

Most electric bidets have an air-dry function that blows warm air to dry your skin when you press the designated button. It works a lot like an automatic hand drier by sucking surrounding air, warming it up, and blowing it onto your skin to dry it off.

Sometimes the air-dry bidet function doesn’t dry you completely, or it takes too long to get rid of all the water. In such cases, you need to use some toilet paper to get rid of the remaining water.

Is Wiping the Best Method To Dry Your Bottom After Using a Bidet?

Wiping is the best method to dry your bottom after bidet use, but only when done correctly.

Some advantages of wiping after using a bidet include the following:

  • It takes a shorter time. 
  • Quite convenient because most restrooms offer toilet paper
  • Relatively cheaper since no electricity is used
  • You have better control over the process because you can wipe 
  • It reduces the hassle of looking through multiple functions on the electric bidet.

A significant disadvantage of toilet paper is that it contributes to deforestation because the raw material is wood pulp. However, it is pretty sanitary and gentle on the skin. You can also opt for reusable bidet towels or regular towels (but you have to keep them clean, which requires soap use).

On the other hand, drying with an electric bidet offers the following benefits:

  • It is easier to use for seniors and people with mobility challenges 
  • It is convenient because you get everything done while seated on the toilet seat
  • It doesn’t produce as much waste as simply wiping using toilet paper (although this may depend on personal toilet paper use habits)

The disadvantages of relying on air-drying electric bidets include the following:

  • You may have to pay more in electric bills
  • It takes slightly longer than just wiping dry
  • They are less hygienic than using toilet paper because the air inside the toilet is filled with different germs
  • They also require professional maintenance from time to time, and replacement after prolonged use
  • You may still need to use toilet paper to dry off areas that the air-dry missed, so it’s not entirely independent

PAA: Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

You may wipe before using a stand-alone bidet to remove some fecal matter and make it easier to clean with a bidet. It also helps to keep the bidet sink and drain cleaner. Nonetheless, this is unnecessary because the bidet will still wash off the fecal matter sufficiently.

For people with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or any other conditions that make the skin around your genitalia more sensitive and painful, it would be best if you didn’t wipe before using the bidet. This is because dry wiping can further irritate the skin.


Wiping after bidet use helps you stay dry and reduce the risk of unpleasant yeast infections, especially in women. However, you must do it properly to prevent subsequent issues such as UTIs and skin irritation.

Electric bidets have some advantages, such as being easy for people with mobility challenges. However, wiping is still a more hygienic solution.

You should never share or reuse bidet towels until they are thoroughly cleaned because dirty towels harbor dirt and bacteria.

It is crucial to follow bidet etiquette for your sake and other people using it.

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