Best Bidet Brands

15 Best Bidet Brands: The Complete Guide

Gone are the days of harsh toilet paper and limited hygiene options. Bidets are the future of bathroom hygiene and provide a clean, comfortable and sustainable experience. 

With so many brands to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your investment. That’s why we’ve scoured the market and compiled a list of the 15 best bidet brands that are sure to elevate your bathroom game. 

From sleek and modern designs to top-notch features like adjustable water temperature and pressure, heated seats, and wireless remote controls, these brands have it all. 

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious spa-like experience or simply want a more hygienic and eco-friendly way to clean yourself, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

We’ll give you an overview of each brand and tell you what makes each manufacturer unique so that you can choose the best bidet for your bathroom. 

Toto – The Best Bidet Brand

Our Top Bidet Brand
TOTO Washlet

Upgrade your bathroom experience with TOTO Washlets. Advanced features provide a refreshing and hygienic clean. Eco-friendly design and intuitive controls make TOTO Washlets the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

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Let’s start things off with what we believe is the absolute best bidet brand bar none.

Toto is one of the most recognized bathroom fixture manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1917, they first began their venture into the bidet space when purchasing the patent rights in America. In 2020, Toto saw a whopping net profit of as high as $248.8 million, a 15.3% increase from the previous year.

Toto offers a range of bidets with advanced features, such as heated seats, self-cleaning nozzles, and adjustable water temperature and pressure. Many of their bidets are designed with user comfort in mind, with features like soft-closing lids, ergonomic seats, and intuitive controls. Many feature a glaze coating to prevent dirt from settling in and keep the seat clean. It also has some of the most powerful systems for flushing on the market. 

Toto offers a wide range of bidets, starting as low as $500 and going up to $3200 for advanced electric bidets. Their budget-friendly bidets have a low price tag without sacrificing the features you’re looking for. Many of their cheapest-priced bidets have adjustable water settings with various options for oscillating cleansing. Furthermore, the wand is self-cleaning, so you won’t have to continuously get your hands dirty by cleaning the bidet yourself. 

The advanced bidets, such as the TOTO S550e, have all kinds of high-tech features. Many have motion detection sensors that automatically open the lid without you having to touch it. When finished, the lid automatically closes. There are even built-in night lights allowing you to see without turning on the bright fluorescent overhead lights during the middle of the night. Some seats are heated and have an adjustable temperature setting so that you can stay comfortable on cold mornings.

This brand focuses on sustainability and water conservation, with many models having low-flow water usage and energy-saving features. Overall, Toto is a popular brand for its combination of quality, durability, advanced features, comfort, and eco-friendliness, which makes it a good choice for those in the market for a bidet.


  • Bidets available in all price ranges 
  • Offers instant and continuous warm water 
  • Provides a wireless remote with the ability to store memory 
  • Sells products internationally 


  • Cheaper alternatives can be found elsewhere, especially for their high-end products. 

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Bio Bidet

Runner Up
Bio Bidet

Upgrade your bathroom with Bio Bidet. Enjoy a refreshing and hygienic clean with features like warm water cleansing, adjustable pressure and temperature, and a heated seat. Easy to install and use, Bio Bidet is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

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Bio Bidet is a well-known brand in the US market, selling bidet attachments and seats in stores and online. They’ve become a new trendsetter by helping to popularize bidets in the US since they aren’t normalized in North America as they are in Europe and Asia. 

Many reputable media outlets have featured this brand, including CNN, Vice, The New York Times, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, and NBC News. Bio Bidet was created in 2008, and they had a simple mission–to revolutionize the bathroom experience. However, they wanted to push forward high-quality products while still ensuring eco-friendly practices. Currently, their headquarters is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. 

They pride themselves on selling affordably-priced bidets that outperform even the most expensive brands. Most bidets cost about $300 to $500; however, they also sell related accessories such as a replacement remote and an entire bidet and toilet combination. 

Some of their most famous bidets include the USPA 6800 U, BB-2000, BB-2000 Bliss, BB-600, UB 4800, BB-1000 Supreme, and many others. Their remote control feature makes Bio Bidet products different from other brands. 

Rather than bending over to adjust the controls, it comes with a handy remote. Some of the features include temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position adjustment so that you can enhance your experience. Their bidets also may feature a 3-in-1 nozzle system giving users a choice between various cleaning modes like the feminine wash, posterior wash, or vortex water system. 


  • Free and fast shipping for over $49 
  • Offers a wide variety of bidets and accessories such as toilets, seat attachments, and more 
  • Some bidets offer a kid’s mode 
  • Lets you set smart user presets 


  • Doesn’t ship internationally 

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Also Great

Experience the ultimate in bathroom comfort and cleanliness with Brondell. Brondell bidets offer features like warm water cleansing, adjustable pressure and temperature, and a heated seat. Easy to install and use, Brondell is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

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Brondell sells wellness items that enhance your quality of life and home. Their product line includes bidets, water purifiers, air filtration systems, and more. 

Founded in 2003 by American entrepreneur David Samuel, Brondell is headquartered in San Francisco. The company attracted investors like famous businessman Mark Cuban, who helped turn Brondell into one of the world’s largest suppliers of bidets. 

Brondell specializes in bidet toilet seats, attachments, hand-held sprayers, travel bidets, and related parts and accessories. Most of their products are priced affordably between $100 to $700. 

Their most famous products, like the Swash 1400 or Swash 1000, provide an upscale experience every time you use the bathroom. You’ll find innovative features like customizable pressure and spray patterns, adjustable wash settings, and a warm air dryer, all controlled by a programmable remote. With the warm air dryer, you can save a lot of money on toilet paper. You even get a carbon deodorizer and LED nightlight giving you the ultimate sustainable solution. 

Unfortunately, Brondell only offers a one-year limited warranty, which covers 100% coverage of all labor and parts for the entire product. Some bidet seats cover a three-year limited warranty. However, it’s 75% for the second year and only 50% coverage for the third year. More luxurious brands tend to give a more comprehensive warranty option. 


  • Highly-rated products with lots of positive reviews 
  • Delivers across USA and Canada 
  • Free shipping for the US for purchases over $99 
  • Comes with a carbon deodorizer to eliminate bad odors 
  • Plenty of customizable options 


  • Doesn’t ship internationally 
  • Only one-year limited warranty 

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Premium Pick

Kohler Bidets offer a luxurious bathroom experience. Their state-of-the-art bidets feature advanced cleansing technology and customizable comfort settings. Kohler's commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in their easy installation and intuitive controls. A must-have addition to any modern bathroom.

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Kohler is a popular bidet brand with a wide distribution network that has a presence in many countries around the world. Founded in 1873, they started producing steel and cast iron products before expanding to various industries like bathroom fixtures. 

Kohler bidets are positioned as a premium product in the market, with prices ranging from around $200 to over $1000, depending on the model and features. They offer a range of electric and non-electric bidets to cater to different needs and preferences.

In terms of warranty, Kohler provides a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic parts of their bidets and a one-year warranty on the mechanical and electrical parts. Some models may have different warranty periods, so it’s best to check the product’s details for specific information.

Kohler bidets are known for their advanced features, such as heated seats, adjustable water temperature, and pressure, air dryers, and nightlights. Some models also have features like deodorizing filters, integrated nightlights, and adjustable nozzle positions for enhanced comfort and convenience. They’re designed to provide a high-end experience with an emphasis on luxury and comfort.

However, Kohler bidets come with a high price tag, making them more expensive than other options on the market. Additionally, they’re not always widely available and may only be sold through specific retailers or showrooms. Installing them can also be more complex than other bidets and may require professional installation, adding to the overall cost of the product.


  • Made from high-quality materials and construction for durability 
  • Offers advanced features for enhanced comfort 
  • Offers multiple types of warranty 
  • Sleek design to complement many bathroom styles 




Tushy offers a new approach to personal hygiene with their easy-to-install bidet attachments. Their focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness makes them a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

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Tushy is a hilarious and related US brand of self-identified toilet crusaders selling bidet attachments and bathroom products to keep your tush clean and reduce wastefulness. They’ve been featured in large media sources like Tech Crunch and Business Insider and have been around the bathroom game since 2015. 

Tushy bidets come in a variety of models and styles, with prices ranging from around $100 to $400. Their brand is known for its quirky and humorous marketing approach, using humor to educate and engage customers about the benefits of bidets.

There are only two bidet attachments available from Tushy, so you won’t be overwhelmed with an abundance of options. Tushy’s Classic Bidet features pressure and angle control. You’ll get a targeted spray, so you’ll never have to deal with a messy situation. They’re equipped with self-cleaning nozzles making your life easier. 

Tushy Spa pampers the derriere of those who really want it. The Tushy model includes a 9-foot hot water connection and a temperature control knob to create a heated bidet. 

We like that Tushy prioritizes being environmentally conscious. They understand that running water and bathrooms are luxuries in many developing countries. A portion of the Tushy profits goes towards Samagra, a non-profit company that builds toilet facilities in India. This brand is dedicated to assisting struggling communities in leading healthier and more dignified lives. 

Tushy bidets are designed to fit onto most standard toilets and can be easily installed in just a few minutes, making them a popular choice for those looking for a quick and affordable upgrade.


  • Booty Bliss Guarantee allows all bidets to be returned within 90 days 
  • Compatible with elongated, oval, and round toilets
  • Bidet attachments available in many colors
  • Dedicated to bettering customers’ health and minimizing the carbon footprint 
  • Extremely affordable 


  • Their popularity means items can sell out fast
  • Only can contact Tushy via email 

American Standard

American Standard

American Standard offers a range of advanced bidets that provide a refreshing and hygienic clean. Their state-of-the-art technology and customizable comfort settings make them a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their bathroom experience.

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American Standard is a US-based company founded in 1872 and specializes in plumbing products, including bidets. The company is headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, and is known for its quality and innovative products.

One of the key features that sets American Standard apart from other bidet brands is their focus on design and innovation. They offer a range of bidet products in various styles, colors, and finishes, making it easy to find a product that fits your bathroom decor. 

In terms of price, American Standard bidets range from around $200 to $3,300, making them a more premium option than some other brands. Certain products are geared toward a specific audience. For example, the SpaLet Bidet is designed for feminine hygiene care, especially for pregnant women. This product offers feminine air bubble cleaning for aerated and soft care to soothe soreness. 

American Standard offers a greater variety of bidet seats, which has some advantages over attachments. They can offer more features like heated seats, air deodorizers, pulsating spray modes, dryers, and more. However, these seats are more expensive and can be difficult to install. 


  • Comes in a variety of styles, such as bidet seats, attachments, and even toilets 
  • Designed to fit elongated, round, and oval toilets 
  • Includes many features like heat seated, self-cleaning nozzles, and charcoal deodorizer 
  • It can be found in retail stores and website 


  • Only a one-year limited warranty compared to others which offer a longer guarantee.

Alpha Bidet

Alpha Bidet

Alpha Bidet offers advanced, easy-to-use bidets for a comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience. Enjoy features like warm water cleansing and a heated seat.

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Alpha Bidet, formerly known as Bidet King, is an American-based company located in South El Monte, California, dedicated to advancing modern health hygiene with high-tech bidet products. The company has been featured by top media outlets that have vouched for their quality bidets, such as CNN, Pro Remodeler, CNET, Fox News, Allure, and Green Builder. 

They design their bidets around a few core principles: 

  • Luxury quality at affordable pricing 
  • Low and slim profile design with comfortable lids 
  • Effective tush cleansing 

They primarily offer seat attachments and only one bidet toilet combination. The pricing of their bidet attachments ranges between $100 and 600. However, their bidet toilet combo costs about $2,000, with an array of advanced features to provide a luxurious bathroom experience. 

Some of their top bidets include high-end features such as feminine wash, heated seat, LED nightlight, warm air dryer, soft lid, adjustable nozzle position, self-cleaning nozzle, child mode, endless warm water, and more. 

One of the best aspects of Alpha Bidet is its generous warranty guarantees. Many of their products, like the Alpha JX, Alpha UXT Pearl, and the Alpha UX Pearl three years of warranty for defects under normal use. 

Alpha Bidet offers plenty of support on its website. You can find installation guides, comparison charts between products, and even a toilet fitment guide, ensuring you choose the right bidet for your bathroom. Their support team is also available by email or phone during normal business hours. 


  • Delivery within 2 to 7 business days 
  • Ships to content US and international countries 
  • Very affordably priced bidets 
  • Products received quality certifications 
  • Long warranty guarantees 


  • Doesn’t offer a wide selection of bidets 



Omigo Bidets provide a luxurious and refreshing bathroom experience. Their advanced features like customizable settings, warm water cleansing, and a heated seat make them a top choice for anyone looking to elevate their bathroom routine.

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Omigo is a US-based brand looking to revolutionize how Americans view bidets by showing them how it can become a cleaner and greener solution for handling our “business.” The founders, Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano, have grown this small organization into a major player in the bathroom fixtures market. You can find their bidet products on their official Omigo website or Amazon. 

Omigo sells a variety of bidet toilet seats, attachments, travel bidets, and bamboo towels to upgrade your bathroom experience. Their attachments are sold starting at $39, and seats can be found as low as $229. 

With their bidet seats, you receive a built-in ceramic water heater that delivers endless warm water on demand. It has four various temperatures and three spray widths, so you can receive targeted soft-and soothing cleansing to fit your preferences. There’s adjustable water pressure, nozzle positions, and active oscillation for a complete wash. You’ll even find an eco-mode that lets you reduce power consumption without compromising on features of the cozy sensation of cleaning your tush. 

Furthermore, Omigo bidets are easy to install in any bathroom since they won’t require hiring a plumber or using special tools. All of the bidets can be installed within 20 minutes or less. 

Omigo is an eco-friendly-conscious organization that aims to make the world a better place. They donate 1% of every sale to global environmental causes. 


  • Affordably priced bidet seats and attachments 
  • Easy installation in under 20 minutes 
  • Donates a small portion of proceeds to environmental causes 
  • Simple design bidets with innovative features 


  • The dryer feature on bidets can be somewhat noisy 
  • Only one bidet toilet combination



BidetMate provides high-quality and affordable options for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience. Their easy-to-use bidets offer features like warm water cleansing, adjustable pressure, and a self-cleaning nozzle. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality, BidetMate is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Shop BidetMate
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BidetMate is an eccentric brand with engaging and hilarious advertisements to attract people to their bidet. Using humor as their background, they help to educate the general public about the benefits of bidets and normalize them for both males and females. 

On their website, users can take the bidet quiz to determine which specific model best suits their needs. They’ll ask you a series of questions such as: 

  • Do you have wide hips? 
  • Do you prefer night light? 
  • What’s more important, affordability or advanced features? 

These questions help BidetMate recommend the best model based on the answers you’ve provided. BidetMate offers an engaging quiz and is a great way to engage visitors to the website. This helps to guide users to navigate through the wide selection of bidets and find the best product for their preferences. 

Furthermore, BidetMate labels its product lines in distinct categories to help users easily pick the right option. For example, their top product lines include 

  • 700 Series: A budget-friendly option starting at $229 that delivers basic features like regular, feminine, power, and oscillating wash
  • 1000 Series: Another inexpensive option that fits round and elongated toilets. There are more advanced features like child settings and the energy-saving mode
  • 2000 Series: A luxury option for the entire family with enhanced features like the night light, aerated wash setting and charcoal honeycomb air deodorize to cleanse your bum. 
  • 3000 Series: An advanced modern technology such as the instant heated water, UV sterilizer, and Cyclone-DRY dryer for a premium bathroom experience

The installation process is quick and easy. It comes with a comprehensive manual to walk you through the installation, which generally takes between 15 to 30 minutes and doesn’t require any additional tools. 


  • Their quiz helps users find the right product 
  • Donates a portion of sales to a charity of the customer’s choosing 
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Engaging and fun brand persona 
  • Plenty of high-end features 


  • Not a huge variety of options or colors 


Coway Bidet

Coway's range of bidets offers a premium and modern bathroom experience. With features like intelligent sensors, customizable temperature and pressure settings, and a sleek design, Coway bidets are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. Enjoy the ultimate in hygiene and comfort with Coway's advanced bidet technology.

Shop Coway Bidets
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Coway is a Korean brand that has entered the US market, selling a wide variety of health and wellness products such as water and air purifiers and bidets. In 2019, they boasted global sales of 2.7 billion, making them one of the leading brands in the space. 

The company also employs 4,918 people, including 235 researchers, and operates in 40-plus countries. They’re truly a global conglomerate looking to help change the world for the better. 

This brand sells various bidet products that vary drastically in features and quality based on their price point. The prices range between $50 to $1000 plus units. Many of their bidet, especially their top-of-the-line products, offers plenty of customization, such as adjustments for water pressure, nozzle positions for front and rear cleaning, seat temperatures, wash and dry temperatures, and oscillating washes. 

Fortunately, there is an eco-friendly mode on most bidets that reduces energy consumption. In this mode, the unit only heats the water and seat when the toilet is used as opposed to keeping it on continuously, which wastes a lot of energy. The targeted spray also helps to limit the total water usage for efficient cleaning. 

Installation for Coway bidet seats is relatively easy. You’ll need basic tools like a screwdriver and wrench, and the instruction manual will guide you through the process. Expect the process to take about 20 to 25 minutes. 


  • Easy to install
  • Relatively affordable 
  • Lots of customization to enhance comfort 
  • Eco-friendly move to save water


  • Some bidets don’t come with a remote control 
  • Certain models don’t come with a toilet bowl nightlight 

Luxe Bidet

LUXE Bidet

Luxe Bidet offers affordable and high-quality bidet attachments that provide a refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience. Easy to install and use, Luxe Bidet attachments are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Shop LUXE Bidet
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Serving over three million customers, Luxe Bidet is one of the most popular bidet brands in America. It’s based in the heart of San Diego, California, and was created in 2008, making them one of the more established bidet brands. With over 20 models in various price points, colors and features, there’s something for everyone. They’ve also been featured by top publications like BuzzFeed, CNET, She Knows, RealSimple, Bustle, and Gizmodo giving them massive credibility. 

Like BidetMate, Luxe Bidet offers a quiz to help you pick the right product. They’ll ask you a series of questions such as: 

  • Do you prefer using electricity or not? 
  • Which form of bidet controls do you prefer?
  • What’s the budget or amount you’re willing or able to spend? 

With most Luxe Bidets, you’ll get a mixture of the following features: 

  • Cold water connection: Connects the house’s cold water supply to the bidet
  • Dual nozzles: Allows for a feminine wash, a gentler form of spray compared to the high-pressurized backwash 
  • Self-cleaning nozzles: Self-cleanses itself to maintain a clean unit
  • Side arm panel: This lets you adjust the pressure and temperature of the jet stream 
  • Hot water connection: Higher-end models let you connect to your home’s hot water supply for a more comfortable experience. 

Luxe Bidet offers a standard warranty of 18 months for most bidet products. They will replace any defective parts free of charge. Their products also ship internationally, so you can get the products delivered to you in most major countries. 


  • 18 months of warranty coverage 
  • Lots of innovative features to customize to your needs 
  • Very affordable bidets 
  • Quiz to help you find the right product 


  • They don’t seem to have an environmentally-friendly initiative 



SmartBidet offers all of the features you would expect in a premium bidet at less than half the price. They include features such as warm water, adjustable water pressure, heated seats and more.

Shop SmartBidet
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SmartBidet is a large bidet manufacturer that sells their bidets in major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and The Home Depot. While they aren’t a huge brand like Kohler or Toto, they’re still popular in the US. They sell products varying in features, capabilities, and styles. Primarily, you’ll find either bidet attachments or seats that fit a specific type of toilet, such as elongated or round. 

Most of their products are highly affordable, ranging from $50 to $650. On the high-end, you receive an electronic bidet toilet with a wireless screen remote control, LED nightlight, deodorizer, and on-demand heated water. They’ve even designed their products for different types of people, such as families, people with physical disabilities and bowel problems, or who have postoperative pain. 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, they offer the SB-400 and SB-500, which are non-electric options. They only offer a single nozzle and cold water. The metal hose connects to your cold water supply, and you can get cleansing simply by turning the knob. 

Their bidets are designed with a signature 3-in-1 nozzle system with various wash does for a gentler wide wash, spiral stream, or even turbo wash. Higher-end models like the SB-2000 can wash both the front and rear surfaces of your tush. Not to mention unlimited warm water, an LED night light, and many temperature and pressure settings for a cleaner wash. 


  • Average 4.5 out of 5-star rating on trusted retailer sites 
  • Over a dozen of features and customizations 
  • Very affordable bidets 
  • Sells them at most major retailers 
  • They offer features to support handicapped, pregnant women, or the physically disabled. 


  • Only offers a 1-year warranty 

Nova Bidet

Nova Bidet is the manufacturer of one of themost popular and advanced bidet systems on the market, called the Eco-Nova Bidet Seat. They don’t have a wide variety of items like other brands. Instead, they’ve built one high-end seat. 

The Eco Nova bidet seat provides top performance, comfort, and design without an extravagant price tag! A sleek, comfortable design, exceptional spray pressure, and a full range of bidet features combine to make the Eco Nova the perfect solution for style and luxury.

This bidet is built from polypropylene plastic, giving it a thicker feel, and designed to withstand up to 400 pounds, which is perfect for heavier individuals. Furthermore, its air dryer is so powerful that you can go completely without toilet paper. 

Unlike most bidets that use infrared technology, the Eco Nova uses radio frequency. This means you can control the bidet outside of the bathroom, meaning you can help a loved one if needed. 

They offer a full 24- of warranty from the date of purchase to cover any defective materials and labor. Of course, it must fall within their terms and conditions. Abuse or misuse of the product, improper installation, and damages caused after delivery not-associated with normal use will fall outside the warranty guarantee. 


  • Two years of fully guaranteed warranty 
  • A powerful dryer to save on toilet paper 
  • Offers customer support inside and outside of the US
  • Dealers of Eco-Nova Bidet Seat all around the world 


  • Only one high-end option; no budget options


CleanSense is another manufacturer that produces bidets for dealers and retail distribution centers worldwide. They only make two products: CleanSense 1500 and 1500R Bidet Seats, which offer an energy-efficient and on-demand water heating system for comfortable cleansing. The 1500R is an upper-tier product offering customizable presets and an LCD remote control. 

Their products are packed with advanced technology and features without the hefty price tag. While both products offer the same features, the difference is how they’re controlled. The CleanSense 1500 uses a side panel control, while the 1500R has a wireless remote control. 

Products from CleanSense come with excellent comfort features. Their bidets deliver unlimited warm water washes with a cold water connection and an instant water heating system. Both bidet models offer warm air drying with adjustable temperature settings.

An odor neutralizer built into the Clean Sense bidets absorbs odors through a built-in fan and charcoal filter. These warm seats have adjustable temperature controls to help stimulate bowel movements, making bathroom time much more comfortable. 

Additionally, there are energy-saving features where the resting temperature settings can be adjusted to use less power when it’s not in use. The warm air dryer also eliminates the need to use toilet paper, which increases the product’s eco-friendliness. 


  • Plenty of green features to save on toilet paper, water, and power usage 
  • Built-in deodorizers to get rid of bad odors 
  • Customizable presets to set controls to your preferences 
  • On-demand heating system for comfortable cleansing 


  • Only two products offered by CleanSense 
  • Must purchase from a dealer and can’t be bought directly 

Ove Decors

Ove Decors is a bath, outdoor furniture, and lighting company delivering efficient and eco-friendly solutions. You can find Ove Decors brand collections online, in-store showrooms, or in major retailers and home improvement centers.

Since being founded in 2004, this family-owned business that started from humble beginnings has grown into one of the leaders in the bath products market in all of North America. Their products are sold in major retailer partners like Overstock, Wayfair, Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Deport, and Costco. 

They offer bidet seats and full smart toilets with bidet systems for a better bathroom experience. Unlike most bidet brands, Ove Decors offers a wide selection of bidet toilets. While bidet seats tend to be more pricey, they all have high-end features like a warm water supply, lids with sensors, heated toilet seats, warm dryers, and more. 

Their bidet toilets are WaterSense certified, meaning they use at least 20% less water than standard toilets while reducing electricity consumption. 

Ove Decors offer a fairly straightforward warranty guarantee. All smart bidets receive a one-year warranty for electrical components, a one-year guarantee for fittings, and five years for ceramic components. 

The support team at Ove Decors makes it easy to receive the help you need. They’re available to contact via email or phone. Additionally, the website offers many helpful videos to help you set up and use your bidet products. 


  • Ove Decors offers a solid warranty guarantee 
  • WaterSense is certified to meet strict eco-friendly guidelines 
  • Heats seats are ADA compliant 
  • Offers both bidet seats and toilets 
  • Provides help videos for installation and product usage 


  • Must be bought from a major retailer, meaning it can’t be bought on their official website


Bidets are a must-have for improved hygiene, eco-friendliness, and luxury. They’re the healthier and smart way to wash your down under. Whether you use bidet seats, attachments, or bidet toilet combination, they can provide hygienic bum cleansing while protecting the environment and saving money. 

Choosing the best bidet brand on the market depends on personal preferences and needs. However, brands like Toto, Kohler, Bio Bidet, Tushy, and Brondell are consistently highly rated for their quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

Scour through these brands’ product lines and read reviews of the models you’re interested in, so you and your household can enjoy a healthier and cleaner bum. 

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