Toilet Wax Ring Alternatives

Toilet Wax Ring Alternatives: Best Waxless Toilet Rings

Toilet wax rings have been the go-to seals for plumbers for decades. But after years of use, wax rings dry up, melt, wear out, start leaking, and make the toilet bowl wobbly. Waxless toilet rings are here to spare you from messy repairs and unnecessary struggles in your DIY toilet installation project. 

The best waxless toilet ring is the Fernco Inc. FTS-4CF. It’s best for new toilet installations, comes in multiple sizes, and is compatible with various flanges. It’s also fairly immune to movement and temperature fluctuations and is long-lasting. 

The only instances in which I wouldn’t recommend the Ferno Inc. FTS-4CF are if:

  • You’re looking for a universal ring. In this case, I’d recommend the Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal, which fits most toilet models.
  • You want a ring that’s the most effective against water leaks. Go for the Aqualoq Wax Free Toilet Seal, which provides exceptional leak protection. 

What these seals have in common is the ease of installation, can withstand movement and can last years when installed correctly. In this article, I’ve rounded up the top five waxless rings for your next project, some waxless toilet ring pros and cons, and a few things to look for in a waxless ring.

1. Best for New Toilet Installations: Fernco Inc. FTS-4CF

A challenge DIY plumbers face, especially those new to the job, is the lack of adjustment options when using traditional wax rings. With wax rings, installation is a “one-shot” deal in that once the wax seal has been used, it cannot be reused without damaging it permanently. Moreover, you must clean out the mess with a putty knife and use a new seal to reinstall the toilet.

With Fernco Inc. FTS-4CF, things are a lot different. Fernco’s rings are popular among plumbers for their ability to create water and airtight seals in virtually all flange sizes. The Fernco FTS-4CF toilet seal is compatible with various toilets, including urinals, and the only catch is that the ring’s size matches your flange.

The Fernco Inc. FTS-4CF is also a great pick for brand-new installations. This seal will comfortably fit in a 3-inch (7.6 cm) pipe, and we recommend getting a bigger (4-inch/10 cm) seal to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, this seal isn’t guaranteed to adhere well to a once-glued surface. 

For this reason, we recommend using it on new toilets or thoroughly cleaning your old toilet horn and flange before applying the seal’s strong adhesive side.


  • Very easy to install. Simply clean the toilet horn thoroughly and secure the gasket in place. A super strong adhesive has been applied on the back side of the seal to make contact with the toilet horn.
  • Fairly immune to movement and temperatures. Compared to wax seals, the Fernco FTS-4CF toilet seal can withstand higher temperatures from hot summers and radiant heating.
  • Long-lasting toilet seal. This seal can last over 5 years without leaking if installed correctly.


  • Only works well with an undamaged toilet horn with no grooves and dents. If you have a damaged flange or pipe, it must first be repaired before installation to avoid premature issues.
  • Using the right size is essential to get the perfect seal. Unfortunately, the Fernco FTS-4CF toilet seal isn’t universal, so you must use the right size seal for your toilet to get the perfect seal.
  • The flange and bowl need a thorough cleaning before installation. If you have an old toilet with a wax ring, the cleaning process can be messy, time-consuming and challenging. 

Provided you’re 100% sure about your pipe size, you shouldn’t have problems installing the seal on a new toilet. Also, applying force may not get the Fernco Inc. FTS-4CF in place if it’s the wrong size.

2. Easiest To Install: NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Seal

Installing a new toilet ring can become messy when you have to scoop out badly installed wax rings. You also need a lot of tools to get the job done, especially if your flange isn’t level with the floor. What I love about the NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Seal is that it comes with a special installation kit that makes the process a breeze. 

Let’s start with the seal itself – a plastic, heavy-duty seal that comes with separate, adjustable, and zero-cut mounting bolts. There is a wax ring inside it, and you’ll need to push the toilet into position to create a secure seal. 

You also don’t need any extra tools for the job. Simply clean out your flange and repair the damages before installing.

One challenge that installers face is to level the toilet with the floor, especially when the flange doesn’t sit flush with the floor. In that case, the NEXT BY DANCO toilet ring comes with an alignment bullet and extension bolts to help you secure the toilet in the perfect position.


  • Easy to install. The mounting kit includes T-bolts, alignment bullets, extension bolts, plastic washers, sliding adapters, and low-profile bolt caps. Everything can be done with your bare hands.
  • Can be used in flanges above or below the floor. The NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Seal is great, with a flange half an inch above or below the floor. No extensions are required.
  • Tighter seal than a regular wax seal. Wax seals are known to provide exceptional water-sealing properties. However, this toilet ring provides an even tighter seal.
  • Stress-free toilet adjustments. With this toilet seal, you can easily adjust your toilet without damaging the ring. In fact, you can adjust it as often as you like, and the seal won’t become damaged. 


  • NEXT BY DANCO Toilet Seal may not work well with all flanges below the floor surface. Even after shimming to get the perfect height, your toilet may become wobbly with readjustments.
  • Leaking may occur if the flange isn’t flush with the floor. If that’s the case, consider using a thicker seal.
  • If you have an older toilet, the carriage bolts may not fit, and you may need to drill larger holes. The plastic installation parts are delicate, and using additional tools for installation will do more harm than good.

Danco’s products are great for DIY installations and are incredibly easy to use. However, the installation must be done slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the ring.

3. Best for All Toilets: Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal

Uneven floors can be hard to work with. When you install your toilet on an uneven surface, the seal may come off or get wobbly a few days after installation. The inevitable leaking follows, which means even more spending to reinstall the whole structure. Most toilet seals have a size requirement for flange heights above the floor level. 

But the Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal promises to fit in all flanges above, even with the floor, below the floor surface, and uneven floors. The seal is made of rubber and foam and comes with a stackable spacer allowing it to fit all flanges. For flanges above the floor, the spacer will not be necessary. 

However, the spacer will be necessary if the flange sits below the floor surface.


  • Installation is fast, thanks to the provided installation kit and the incredibly clear installation instructions that come with the product. More information about DIY installation can be found on the company’s website in video format.
  • No mess is expected with the installation. The only mess you can expect is when you remove your old wax ring and clean the area underneath it. 
  • The Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal can be adjusted several times without damaging the product. If you get it wrong the first time, simply uninstall your toilet and start over. The seal can also withstand frequent plumbing without leaking.


  • Messy cleanup is required for old toilet installations. Old wax rings for older toilets must be thoroughly scraped off to create room for a new seal. 
  • If your flange is seated level with the finished floor, you may want to consider another type of seal. The Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal may not work seamlessly with all flanges leveled with the floor or installed slightly above the floor. The toilet may wobble and leak after readjustment.
  • You need more stack seals for flanges placed deeper than ¼ inch into the floor surface. 
  • The mounting bolt may need to be cut to accommodate the bolt cap. 

One of the main benefits of the Fluidmaster 7530P8 Universal Better Than Wax Toilet Seal is its flexibility. You can use it with a wide range of flanges sitting below the finished floor surface. Unfortunately, you cannot use bleach and chlorine-based cleaners to clean your toilet bowl, as these could severely damage the product.

4. Best for Water Leaks: Aqualoq Wax Free Toilet Seal (MasterSeal)

If you’ve dealt with water damage in your home, you know how much damage it can cause to the floor, basement, and woodwork. Water leaks cause rotting and mold infestation, which can introduce health risks to your home. So, how about a toilet seal that guarantees a long-lasting watertight seal around the toilet’s base?

The Aqualoq Wax Free Toilet Seal is a rubber gasket, which you simply push into a 3” flange with a bead of silicone sealant applied. The seal covers the toilet’s base and can work with flanges set at different heights above and below the finished floor surface. If your flange is below the floor surface, you may need to use the included spacer to bring the seal up to the appropriate height.

Most waxless seals discussed up to this point are designed for home toilets. However, the Aqualoq Wax Free Toilet Seal works seamlessly with school, office, and RV toilets. 


  • The Aqualoq Wax Free MasterSeal creates an impenetrable seal that prevents expensive water damage.
  • It’s easy to install. Simply apply silicone sealant and push the gasket into place. No tools are required for installation.
  • The flexible rubber material fits in irregular flanges without problems. Soft silicone and rubber used in the seal’s manufacture are flexible and conform around an object, compared to other seals with more rigid plastic that does not always fit in effortlessly.


  • Silicone sealant must be applied to the MasterSeal to provide a water and airtight seal.
  • It may not connect perfectly with the toilet’s base without a spacer. This eventually leads to premature leaking and water damage.
  • Slightly more expensive than other waxless seals on our list. 

5. Best for All Flange Heights: Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal

As mentioned before, uneven floors attract many issues when installing toilets, and the Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal is here to address that. This foam seal slips perfectly into 3” and 4” drain pipes in different flanges and floor heights, including those higher and lower than the floor surface. The rubber and foam pieces compress together to create the perfect seal around the flange with no mess.

Unlike wax rings, the Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal can withstand extreme climate temperatures without fail. In the winter, cold air cools the wax ring into a rigid block, while hot temperatures can melt the wax ring and render it useless. If you have heated floors in your bathroom, the last thing you want is a melted seal that leaks water and odors.

The Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal can withstand these temperature changes. It can also be readjusted a couple of times without getting damaged in the process.


  • The Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal is easy to install. All you need to do is place one on the flange or stack two (depending on the flange’s depth from the floor).
  • Unaffected by the temperature. The seal is also backed by a 10-year warranty. 


  • Contact between the rubber base and the metal flange may not be sufficient to prevent leaks. As such, these do not always provide the perfect airtight seal for your toilet.
  • Too much force during installation may wear out the foam and damage the product. Excessive force on the foam could lead to tears. Also, do not over-tighten the T-bolts when installing.

If your flange is damaged, you must repair it before installing the Korky foam ring. Avoid using a sealant for such repairs.

Are Waxless Toilet Rings Worth It?

Waxless toilet rings are worth it, considering their long shelf life, universal installation applications, and reusability. Unlike wax rings, they don’t leave a mess every time you take the unit out for replacement.

Considering the low cost of a wax ring and its shelf-life, I understand why it would make sense to opt for wax over waxless for the same purpose. After all, both products last for years without leaking when installed properly. However, wax rings are inexpensive and simple to install. They can cost as little as $3 each in most hardware stores.

However, you should consider the long-term effects of a poorly-installed wax seal. In such cases, a wax-free toilet ring can make a lot of sense.  A waxless ring can cost above $9 to as high as $30 when full installation kits are involved in the cost. On the bright side, you can reuse them and reposition the toilet as often as possible without causing damage.

Waxless seals are more resistant to the effects of radiant heating because they consist of rubber, foam, and thermoplastic, materials. These materials also create airtight seals when a sealant is applied. Unfortunately, they may be affected by strong chlorine-based cleaning agents, which makes them unsuitable for installation.

What To Look for in a Waxless Toilet Ring

Waxless toilet rings aren’t all the same. Some designs are universal and can fit in whichever flange they’re installed. Others tend to leak or make the toilet wobbly when forced into uneven floors.

Here are a few factors that must be accounted for when buying a wax-free toilet ring:

Ease of Installation

Nobody wants to spend hours installing a toilet ring. Your chosen waxless ring should fall in place seamlessly, ensuring you get the measurements right. Generally speaking, it should take no longer than 4 hours to install the toilet. Therefore, it would be wise to opt for universal seals that fit in a wide range of flanges. 

Also, ensure that the seal comes with instructions and an installation kit to help you do the job faster. If no instructions are provided, use online information resources and video guides on the manufacturer’s website.


Most waxless seals will guarantee years of service, but some will fail the test a few weeks after installation. Other seals weaken over the years. This frequently happens when the floor isn’t level.

However, durability isn’t just about normal wear and tear. Some seals are intolerant to strong cleaning agents, while others cannot withstand frequent repairs. For that reason, we recommend choosing rubber or plastic seals over foam since they have a reputation for lasting longer.


How many takes do you need to install your toilet? If you’re like most DIYers, it takes at least two attempts before you can get your unit into place. This happens due to uneven floors and errors in the application process. 

A plastic, foam, or rubber toilet seal can be reused several times, and you can adjust it according to your toilet’s size. Wax seals, on the other hand, are not. Even so, foam can get damaged with more readjustments. 

Additionally, some stackable seals may prove more difficult to adjust without causing the unit to become wobbly. 

Adjustability is affected by other installation conditions, such as the depth of the flange. I recommend looking for rings with extenders for flanges set lower than the floor level.


That sums up the best waxless toilet ring alternatives and what to look for when installing your new unit. You should now be able to make an informed decision regarding a new toilet ring. If you’re stuck on the vast options online, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber for advice.

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