Can You Flush Baby Wipes Down the Toilet

Can You Flush Baby Wipes Down the Toilet?

When you’re in a hurry, the last thing you want to consider is where to dispose of your used baby wipes. It would be nice if you could just throw it in a toilet bowl, flush it and forget it ever even existed in the first place. However, can you flush baby wipes down the toilet without any consequences?

You can’t flush baby wipes down the toilet. The only proper way to dispose of used baby wipes would be to throw them into a trash bin, as a pile-up of baby wipes can severely damage the pipes and the entire sewage system if the problem is prolonged.

In this article, I will be talking about why it isn’t advised to throw baby wipes into a toilet and are biodegradable, flushable baby wipes really a thing. I will even tell you how you could make alternatives to baby wipes that are just as effective and can be reused or are flushable, so keep reading.

Will Baby Wipes Clog a Toilet?

Polyester and polyethylene are made of artificial fibers and are used in many products/packaging. In other words, baby wipes are usually made of plastic, which is not biodegradable and will clog a toilet.

Baby wipes are mostly made of polyester, polyethylene, cotton, and added preservatives.

Plastic is used in baby wipes to create a stable texture that will not break down when used. The result is the formation of microplastics that can never really dissolve and will build up in sewers.

Flushing baby wipes down the toilet poses not only a minor inconvenience, such as a clogged toilet but a potentially hazardous situation as well. A long-term build-up of baby wipes can clog the entire city’s sewage system.

What Is the Correct Way To Dispose of Baby Wipes?

The only correct way of disposing of baby wipes would be to throw them into a trash bin.

Of course, the last thing you would want to think about when you have five minutes to get out of your house is where to dispose of your used baby wipes, and carrying them around to the nearest bin doesn’t sound that fun, either.

That’s why you should invest in a small, compact trash bin that could be within reach of your hands while in the bathroom.

This Rubbermaid Spa Works Trash Bin (available on would fit perfectly inside any bathroom, as it’s compact and abstract looking, meaning it may not even look like a trash bin at first and will add a modern touch to your bathroom.

Do Biodegradable Baby Wipes Exist?

According to Notpia, anything considered biodegradable means living organisms can break it down into smaller components.

Any plant products, such as wood, cotton, and leaves, are considered biodegradable. So for baby wipes to be biodegradable, they must be plastic-free and made from naturally produced fibers.

Some baby wipes are produced from organic components, enriched with plant-based formula, and considered entirely biodegradable.

Cotton, wood pulp, and bamboo are commonly used for their production. They should be easily recognized because it is usually advertised on their packaging that they are made from entirely natural ingredients.

However, biodegradation doesn’t have a specific time frame in which it occurs, as it depends on many other factors.

Both conventional baby wipes and biodegradable ones are going to break down eventually; it’s only the time difference that differs. In other words, biodegradable baby wipes are meant to break down in a month or a few, while conventional baby wipes may even need an entire lifetime.

So by buying biodegradable baby wipes, you’re doing a favor to yourself and the entire planet, reducing waste. And not to mention that most biodegradable baby wipes contain no preservatives and are made of natural ingredients suitable to any skin type.

Are Biodegradable Baby Wipes Actually Flushable?

While biodegradable baby wipes are a better choice simply by breaking down faster, they still aren’t flushable, even if some are labeled as such.

For anything to be flushable, it needs to disintegrate in water. Baby wipes can’t disintegrate in water because they need to be wet for their purpose to remain the same.

It’s only the toilet paper that’s truly flushable.

In other words, toilet paper breaks down when wet, while baby wipes are designed to stay intact when in contact with water.

If it’s all still confusing to you, you should watch this funny youtube sketch, as it explains in a joking matter why exactly there are no flushable baby wipes:

Are There Any Alternatives to Baby Wipes?

There’s a reason why baby wipes are so popular and used for many different purposes. Besides the most obvious one, they’re good makeup removers to keep the baby’s skin smooth and clean, especially when you’re on the run.

However, a pile of used baby wipes that have hung in your bathroom since last week doesn’t sound fun.

So is there a way to avoid all that, and is there a proper alternative to baby wipes that is more practical and ethical? You could choose from a few options, none involving a clogged toilet.

Cotton Cloths

Cotton cloths are more practical and cheaper than baby wipes, considering you could make them home.

You don’t need any particular fabric to make these; an old washed-out t-shirt should do just fine.

Simply cut out the cotton shirt into a wanted shape, preferably square, as it would be the easiest to fold and enjoy your new environmentally friendly alternative to baby wipes.

Not only will these cloths last a lifetime if you take care of them, but they are also more efficient, as you can make them custom to your needs.

For example, your skin might not respond well to some harsh ingredients in baby wipes, as they may even cause skin problems, like acne in some people. With these cloths, you can add your favorite cleanser and rinse it after you’re done with them.

A Bidet Attachment to Your Toilet

Investing in a bidet is wise, as it will surely pay off over time.

Bidets are cost-effective, more convenient, and environmentally friendly than baby wipes.

Think of it this way: you must buy at least 2 packs of baby wipes each month and only purchase a bidet once. You will not need to buy baby wipes anymore, and you will also spend less money buying toilet paper, as a bidet does a great job of cleansing.

Bidets are also environmentally friendly, as you do your part in reducing waste by buying one.

Once you get into hang with it, you’ll see how easy bidets are to use and how with such little effort, you will leave your bathroom cleaner than you would ever be while using just baby wipes.

If you’re unsure where to start and what type of bidet would work for you, you should read this article and learn about the 15 Best Bidet Brands to ensure you’re investing your money right.

Homemade Wipes

For this one, you will need some 3-ply toilet paper, mild shampoo/baby shampoo, warm water, and maybe even essential oils if you’re feeling fancy.

You will separate your paper towel roll in half, use one half and save the other for later.

Now it’s time to mix the ingredients and pour them into a bowl in which your homemade wipes will be. Pay attention that the bowl is big enough, as you don’t want edges to slip out.

When the mixture is set, pour it over the paper towels and let it sit overnight. Remove the cardboard tube from the center of the paper towels for easier access when the ingredients are soaked.

By the time you wake up, you’ll have customized baby wipes that can be used to clean yourself, your baby, or even your house. All while being 100% flushable.

A Natural Sponge

One way to make cleaning fun is to try new cleaning techniques, one of them being cleaning with a natural sponge.

Well, it’s not exactly new, as natural sponges have been used for cleaning practices for centuries and are just starting to be popular again.

They aren’t precisely flushable, but they sure are reusable. Use your favorite cleaning agent, and just rinse it out when you’re done and repeat the process the next time you have to use your natural sponge.

They’re soft and suitable for any skin type, especially for sensitive skin prone to allergies.

Final Thoughts

By this article’s end, you’ve learned the importance of not flushing just anything down the toilet when it’s convenient, including baby wipes, of course.

Investing in a bidet or simply making your own flushable or reusable wipes will go a long way. It costs less and is much more effective in the long run, as dealing with an overflowing toilet isn’t the best way to spend your precious time.

I get it, sometimes there’s just no time to think of such things, but it’s better to prevent a problem than solve it. You’ll be thanking yourself later, for sure.

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